About Us

Did you know? "Ami" means…

in French: Friend
in Japanese: Net
in Korean: Long, curved, beautiful eyebrows

With all those meanings of Ami, our mission at Ami is to bring you high quality cuisine, with friendly service for you to form networks, friendships and memories with a dining experience to remember.


Pleased to announce that we have just open our own webpage. Providing the best and freshest ingredients. This cozy restaurant makes people feel welcomed. complemented by warm and friendly advice about the food and drinks.

Minimum Delivery Time: 1hr 15mins

Minimum Take-out Time: 30minutes

Restaurants and delivery partners do their best to deliver food within the estimated delivery time, but external factors can cause delays. For example, if the restaurant is busier than normal, you placed a large order, or your delivery partner is in heavy traffic or bad weather conditions.